Paint Renewal Systems

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DetailnPlasti is the training & premier installation centre for Xkote in Ontario

Xkote is a 2 component (2K) Automotive clear coat, just like a factory or body shop sprayed clear coat.

Xkote however is applied by hand. The key to this unique technology is both Xkote’s ability to self-level completely flat when applied by hand and Xkote’s proprietary chemical adhesion process. An Xkote application takes a fraction

of the time it takes to correct the paint by traditional means of buffing and polishing and can be ceramic coated within 24 hours of application.

Xkote permanently repairs heavy scratches, scuffs, and swirls, and brings faded, weathered, sand-blasted paint back to its original factory luster. The end result looks, feels, and is as permanent as the factory coating.

Because Xkote is virtually the same as the factory-applied clear coat, it is 100% paint shop compatible

and can be painted over at any time.

Ceramic Coating is highly recommended with this service

Xkote is not a “do it yourself” product. It is a professional service available only at Certified Xkote centers.

If you are interested in having your vehicle or boat Xkote’d contact us to book an appointment.

Ceramic Coating is highly recommended with this service