X-Kote®  paint renewal system

repairs heavy scratches and scuffs and brings faded, weathered, sandblasted paint back to its original factory luster.

DetailnPlasti is certified in the application of X-kote, a paint renewal system. It is a premium K2 clear-coat that is applied by hand and self-levels to form a new finish over existing scratches, swirls, and other clear coat related imperfections. An X-kote is complete in 24hrs rather than multiple days of paint correction, which won’t yield the same level of gloss. X-kote also adds a clear coat, while paint correction simple remove clear.

X-kote is a 2 component (2K) Automotive clear coat that is applied by hand. X-kote is very similar in nature and chemistry to today’s spray-on clearcoats. The key to this unique technology is both X-kote’s ability to self-level completely flat when applied by hand and X-kote’s proprietary chemical adhesion process. Typical spray-on clearcoats adhere mechanically, meaning they rely on a sanded or scuffed surface to adhere. Without this sanded or scuffed surface, that type of clearcoat will delaminate or peel off. X-kote’s adhesion however, is a chemical process. X-kote actually cross-links (becomes an integral part of) the original paint, rather than adhering on top, as a spray-on clear coat would. This type of adhesion is much reliable and consistent and allows for application without sanding or scuffing.

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