ULTIMAXX® Ceramics Canada

Ultimaxx Ceramics exceeds the modern standards of detailing

Imported directly from the Ultimaxx manufacturer located in Clitheroe Lancashire, England, DetailnPlasti is the distributor of the Ultimaxx surface protection and automotive maintenance line for Canada. We carry Ultimaxx’s wide range of products, including our Signature coating line for authorized installers and retail line of ceramic coating and sealant.

For all your vehicle maintenance needs browse our online shop. Alternatively, give John a call at 416-262-5280 to discuss your requirements and we will match you with the products that are best suited to your needs.

Ultimaxx Ceramics has a growing number of accredited detailing professionals across the UK that are able to come and detail, your car or motorcycle using the exclusive Ultimaxx range.

Benefits of using Ultimaxx® Ceramic Coating

Ultimaxx Ceramics is a modern, day to day method of multifunctional protection of Ceramic Coating, it protects the paintwork by blocking the UV rays and slowing down oxidation
Ultimaxx Ceramics guarantees protection and care of any surface for your vehicles, providing a shield against chemical staining such as acid rain
Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating provides an extra protection layer to the car’s paintwork
Hassle free cleaning as Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating prevents dirt and other stains from bonding with your cars paintwork
Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating gives your car that extra glossy shine which gives your car appeal and value
Ultimaxx Ceramics helps to preserve attractiveness and increase the service life of your vehicles

ULTIMAXX® Ceramic Coating Give a Protective Coating

Ceramic coating work by creating a special coating, which in turn provides paint protection by acting as a shell against a variety of paint-damaging sources:

Water: Since the ceramic coating is hydrophobic, the car’s surface will shed water and bead instead of causing paint damage from water spots and accumulated moisture. Ultimaxx products also provide a shield against chemical staining such as acid rain.

Chemicals: Some chemicals, like those found in bird droppings, cleaners, gasoline, brake fluid, shoe polishes, and shaving cream can be highly damaging to car paint. Ultimaxx ceramic coating products take the beating of these chemical products first — preventing the paint from fading or peeling off. They can also prevent dirt and stains from bonding with your car’s paintwork.

UV Rays: Ultraviolet (UV) rays can oxidize and fade car paint, or even contribute to rusting. Ultimaxx ceramic coatings can assist with your vehicle staying newer looking for longer.

Your Vehicle Stays Cleaner Longer

The products used by the Ultimaxx team assist in causing debris, liquids, and chemicals to wash off your protected vehicle's exterior more easily instead of damaging it. The vehicle will seem cleaner because dirt has a harder time sticking to the surface. The slickness in Ultimaxx ceramic coating products means that any dirt which does stick to your car's surface will slide off with less effort needed than on an uncoated surface.

Less scrubbing means less friction and less friction means less chance of scratching.

This does not mean your car never needs washing again, just as you treat your car's engine to care and duty the same must be applied to your car's body and paintwork if you are looking to keep your vehicle looking and feeling newer for longer. You will not have to wash your car as frequently, but roads still contain dust and grime that will build up over time. Additionally, the car wash will not require a ton of effort on your part — dirt should come off without much resistance. Therefore by Using Ultimaxx ceramic coating products you are investing in your car’s future and its durability.

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