Powerforce Hi-Form – 20L Pail


Powerforce Hi-Form is an alkaline cleaner and a touch-free car and truck wash producing a creamy foam that adheres to vertical surfaces for up to 15 minutes. It effectively loosens traffic film and dissolves dirt, is fully biodegradable, and highly concentrated (up to 100:1 dilution). Suitable for foam guns, buckets, or pump sprayers, it comes in economical sizes (20L, 205L, 1025L). Customizable dilutions allow for efficient cleaning and reduced wash times, minimizing scratch risks.

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  • Alkaline cleaner
  • Touch-free wash for cars and trucks
  • Produces creamy foam which remains in place on vertical surfaces for up to 15 minutes
  • Rapidly loosens traffic film & dissolves soiling
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Concentrated & can be diluted up to 100:1 when using a foam gun
  • Can also be used in a bucket with water or diluted in a pump strayer
  • Economical sizes 20L, 205L, 1025L
  • Concentrated solution with dilutions that can be customized based on the application and  soil level
  • Product dilution and dispensing systems available
  • Reduces wash times
  • Reduce chances of causing scratches

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