EZ Kleen Orange CDS


EZ Kleen Orange CDS is a mild alkaline multi-purpose degreaser, a water-dilutable and D-Limonene based, making it ideal for exterior pre-wash, engine degreasing, and carpet treatment. Usable with a foam cannon, bucket, or pump sprayer, it comes in economical sizes (20L, 205L, 1025L) and offers customizable dilutions. This concentrated solution reduces wash times and provides versatile applications.

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  • Mild alkaline multi-purpose degreaser
  • Water dilatable
  • D-Limonene based
  • Excellent exterior pre-wash
  • Can also be used in a foam cannon, bucket with water, or dilute in a pump sprayer
  • Excellent engine degreaser
  • Carpet/floor mat treatment
  • Economical sizes 20L, 205L, 1025L
  • Concentrated solution with dilutions that can be customized based on the application and soil level
  • Product dilution and dispensing systems available
  • Reduces wash times
  • Versatile applications

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